There appears to have been a huge increase in the number of people with allergies in the last twenty to thirty years.  Is it that we are more aware of the existence of these conditions in the body or are we creating allergies, where there are actually none.  There are different classifciations of allergies, where a substance actually affects the body's blood chemistry or merely upsets the digestive balance.  One requires immediate treatment by epi-pen or other appropriate medication, the other maybe just elimination of the trigger from the environment or diet.  In either case, an allergy is diagnosed.  It is important to confirm with your Dr the presence of an allergy.  Merely self-diagnosing a wheat or lactose allergy is not significant proof that you have a problem with that particular item.  It may be that the substance is merely something you eat the most of and therefore whenever you are stressed, is the one that you associate with a stress reaction rather than a true allergic reaction.  In some cases, intolerances are diagnosed, where the offending substance is elimintaed from the diet.  This again, should be confirmed by a Dr as eliminating foods can lead to an unbalanced diet and problems with poor nutrition.  Kinesiology techniques can be used to assess whether a substance is affecting the body adversely and whether it in fact is merely a digestive allergen, a true allergen which is affecting blood chemistry or not an allergen at all. 
It is also important to note that it is possible to 'create' imbalances in the body by believing in something so strongly that you manifest it in yourself.  By finding and reaffirming through many different sources that you have an allergy to something, such as articles read in magazines, books, papers and on the internet, many people are creating these imbalances, seeing symptoms in themselves that are in fact, related to something else entirely.  Our brains respond in exactly the same way to imagined thoughts as they do to reality!  In Natural Health, therapists are aware that everyone is an individual.  Just because two people may have the same symptoms, may not mean that they have the same issues.  It is just the way their own individual Nervous Systems are using the resources they have to react to  some dis-ease within the body or mind.  We seek to find the 'dis-ease, and show the Nervous System how to use more appropriate resources to deal with the issues.  The Body and Mind then recuperate in a natural way.
I am finding increasing success in the treatment of allergy with Neuro-Training Techniques.  Several clients have reported that their allergies have disappeared following a course of treatments that combines structural alignment, with techniques that check appropriate function of other body processess, resulting in a final process on the allergens themselves.  This course can take up to 10 sessions and has proven successful in all cases I have treated so far.  Call me to find out more about treating food allergies, sinusitis, hayfever, eczema and asthma.