Back Pain

Back Pain can be caused by several different issues.  There may be some structural misalignment of the vertebrae, muscular problems, postural issues.  An accident or injury may be causing structural or muscular imbalance, sometimes there is pain and no imbalance can be found but the pain is still very real.
Muscular tension, caused by inappropriate posture, ergonomics, emotional pressures causing tensing to occur around certain areas of the back and shoulders can be relieved with massage and physiotherapy.  Aromatherapy massage can be helpful as certain oils have therapeutic effects on the body.  If the tension is recurring then perhaps another approach is required. 
Neuro-Training allows us to muscle test imbalances and find the 'pattern' of the issue.  Often there are certain events or situations in our lives that create strain and tension within us.  If we can learn to adapt better to these events the tension may not occur in the first place.  Neuro-Training aims to find these 'events' or contexts in our lives and re-train the nervous system to adapt more appropriately for the person, allowing them to recuperate better.  
Massage and Aromatherapy assist in physically manipulating the muscles and benefitting from the therapeutic properties of essential oils to release muscle tension and subtly deal with emotional stresses.  Neuro-training allows the therapist to find the 'pattern' to the issue creating the tension.
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Sarah Hemetsberger,
9 Feb 2012, 00:45