Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties covers quite a wide area of issues, reading, writing, memory, mathematics, logics, etc.   However, with Neuro-training it does not matter which area of learning there is a difficulty with, the brain is in charge of the area of learning and memory and along with other brain functions is where the issues can generally lay.  Currently neuro-science is aware of 9 main brain functions (including Imagination, Learning and Memory, Understanding, to name a few.)  These functions need to be working and integrated with each other for correct brain function to occur.  Occasionally, this integration is blocked, sometimes through stress or other triggers.  Neuro-training techniques can help to re-establish this integration and allow the brain to continue its functioning at a more appropriate level. 
Various techniques are used and they are all extremely useful in treatment of children (age 5 upwards) and adults.  All treatments are performed with the clients fully clothed.  If required, parents or guardians can be present in the room, although full working with childrens compliance is in place. 
I currently have several young clients all benefiting from the techniques explained above. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0433 659730 or email me at info@neurobodybalance.com.