Muscular Pain and Injury

Pain anywhere in the body can be debilitating.  Muscular pain and tension can be very wearing, when coupled with injury can cause additional stress which leads to a lengthy recovery process.
Muscular pain can be caused by tension through anxiety or other stress related issues.  It can be due to poor posture, bad ergonomics, structural mis-alignments in joints or vertebrae or as mentioned above, through injury.  Injury can result from muscles being 'dehydrated'.  Over-exertion, too much exercise and not enough rest can cause the body to become acidic, too many stress hormones affecting proper functioning of our physiology.

Accidents can create dis-organisation of our neurology and can leave some ongoing issues for the person resulting in neck pain and stiffness, heel pain, achilles pain, postural issues, foot and calf pain.
Whatever the cause, it is possible to relieve tension using aromatherapy and massage techniques, this is well documented.  Combine these techniques with Neuro-Training and you can get to the centre of the issue causing the tension and so alleviate the issue for the longer term.
Injury to an area of the body can have a far reaching impact on other systems and it is important to check that the body is recuperating appropriately.  If you have sustained an injury it is always good to have a Neuro-Trainer check that the body is using all its relevant resources appropriately to recuperate.  If it is taking you longer than anticipated to recuperate from an injury, accident or operation, there may be something in the nervous system blocking your recuperation and therefore a visit to a Neuro-Trainer can help to ascertain where the block may be and how to ensure the body returns to its optimum recuperation as soon as possible.
If you have any questions or would like to talk to somebody about and pain or injury you may have, please call sarah on 0433 659730 or email