Stress Related Issues

Stress to some is part of life and can be coped with well and some even thrive off of it.  However, some people are plagued by the effects of stress on them and quite the opposite effect occurs.  Stress can affect one or all of any functioning part of our being.  It is simply a matter of how our nervous systems decides to deal with the stress upon us.  Some of us have learned techniques that help to deal with the stress and so it eases, other of us are not so lucky and the stress builds and thus manifests in all sorts of ways:
Physically, through muscle tension, aches, pains even illness, both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term).
Emotionally, it can make us short-tempered, angry, impatient, tearful, generally unable to cope.
Mentally, it can cloud our thoughts, make us unable to carry out our tasks (home duties or at work).  It can make us believe things about ourselves that are not necessarily true and allow us to second guess our own ability.
Stress does not have to have a hold over you in life.  You can train your brain and nervous sytems to better deal with stress and in a more appropriate way.  So that, when stressful situations occur you have mental and emotional stability to deal with issues that arise and that the stress does not 'build up' in the system (nervous system) and result in physical issues, tension and inability to carry out your daily duties.
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