Neuro-Training Kinesiology

Neuro-TrainingWhat is it, How does it work and what can it do?

This is something I get asked all the time, so ...

Imagine a system of complete training to enhance any part of life you want!
Imagine being in full control of the things that affect your health, learning, talents, relationships and desires!
Imagine having such a system now!
Imagine if you have a magic genie, what would you ask the genie to do for you?

Neuro-training can help you discover your own genie...

Neuro-Training is a new way of experiencing the integration of many modalities (therapy techniques) that have existed for decades or even centuries.  It is a synthesis and integration of many ‘alternative modalities’, ‘self-development techniques’, ‘learning enhancement programmes’ and other ‘personal development skills’.  In essence, when you visit a Neuro-Trainer, you are getting access to more than 8 therapies in once session.

After 30 years of development it is now a modality that can be utilised by people in all areas of life.   The combination of the techniques that worked for some people, within the new form make them work for everyone. 

How does it work?

We give the subconscious new and better options to what it already knows so that it can change its preferences.  When this  happens the Nervous System will act out the new options as if they had always been there, so your behaviours change (not just what you do out of conscious reasoning, how you think, feel, act in specific situations and how you create your life patterns).

Our Nervous System is vast in its connections and ability to control all your functions.  We use different ‘types’ of Neuro Training.  We use a system of monitoring the change in muscle response as a way of ‘listening’ to what your subconscious is saying.  The new options make new realisations in your subconscious by changing how your Nervous System processes information.  Once the new information is associated into the Nervous System your subconscious will do the rest.  You continue to associate these new options until you have enough new information to function in a completely different and better way.

One of the major characteristics of Neuro-Training is that it works most effectively with contextual processes.  We find the contexts that stimulate or maintain the conditioning that limits your ability to achieve your goals or desires, then associate better options to them so they function to support a better outcome.

The primary objective of our Nervous System is to express values.  A group of values is a context.  Our fixed patterns of actions and responses are from a context which maintains limiting conditioning.  You can associate better options (other values) to these contexts to give the Nervous System a new option to express.

Who Benefits from Neuro Training?

Anyone who has difficulty in doing something they want is a perfect candidate for Neuro-Training.  We focus on the constant increase in positive results you accumulate as you continue to use Neuro-Training.  It can help you overcome just about any challenge you  may encounter.

Benefits include, physical recuperation from a long list of symptoms.  Increased competence in any area of life, such as, business, talents, health, development, application of learning, clear thinking etc. Etc.   The end result is a congruence and competence with life.  Success and more energy become natural consequences from the use of Neuro-Training.

It reconditions your life experiences, because we don’t know what experiences you  have had, we don’t know what benefits it will bring you,  We know you will  have benefits though!

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This ancient therapy dates back to Egyptian times, where pharoahs employed personal aromatherapists within their company of 'health' advisors.
Aromatherapy utilises the essential parts of plants, flowers, seeds, roots and stems into an oil.  The oils have chemical components which are known to benefit certain systems within the body and emotional states of mind.
Aromatherapy is not just 'smelling' the essences but benefiting from essential oils entering the blood stream via the skin too.  This approach takes full advantage of the therapeutic properties of the oils.
Full body, back, neck and shoulder, and hand and foot massages are available, as well as aromatherapy facials and head massages.
As a fully qualified Aromatherapist, each client has their own unique blend tailored to them for each consultation.  Depending upon their specific needs at that time.
Essential oils can be purchased from Neuro Body Balance by calling 0433 659730 or e-mailing price enquiries to


The massage techniques offered at Neuro Body Balance are based on Swedish massage techniques.  Our consultants are fully qualified in anatomy and physiology and can assist with muscle tension, pain and general relaxation.

This type of massage is performed without the use of essential oils, but with the use of a base oil such as, sweet almond.

Full Body, Back, Neck and Shoulder, Back only or just hands and feet massages are available.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced foong shoo-wey) is the ancient art of placement.  Feng Shui consultants analyse the energy flow in the home relevant to the people living within.  Consultants then interview the occupants to assess any areas where improvements are desired and recommendations are made accordingly.

A full written recommendation report is provided.

There are many publications and websites providing information on Feng Shui.  Feel free to follow the links provided on this site to find out more.