The use of essential aromatic oils dates back many years, nevertheless, they are still extremely useful in assisting with relief of many different ailments in the body and mind.  Essential oils are not only absorbed via the olfactory organ in the nose and into the blood stream there, which most people believe is their main benefit, however, they are far more powerful when used on the skin and are absorbed into the blood stream and tissues and can have a more profound effect when used in this way.
When consulting a professionally qualified aromatherapist, the essential oils used will be of the best quality, and blended specifically for your mental, emotional physical requirements at each consultation.  They are prepared fresh on the day of your consult and only for your specific needs.
The aromatherapist will take a fairly detailed consultation covering your medical history prior to your treatment commencing and there will be a short discussion regarding your wishes for the outcome and requirements of the treatment.
Essential oils can help with emotional stress, feelings of discontent, physical symptoms, such as skin conditions, rashes, eczema, etc.  Muscular pain and tension can be relieved, headaches, tension, depression and anxiety can be helped with the use of carefully blended oils and a regimen prescribed by your aromatherapist.
Depending upon the treatment requested (full body, back, neck and shoulders or just hands and feet) the consultations are conducted with client clothed and whilst the therapist mixes the blend the client is asked to remove relevant pieces of clothing and lay on the massage bed.  Aromatherapy  massages are not conducted with deep or painful massage strokes as these can bruise the oils and spoil their therapeutic effectiveness.  Therefore, this type of massage is firm, but not deeply penetrating as the oils properties are massaged into the skin and allowed to work their wonders. 
It is beneficial for the oils to be left on the skin as long as possible and 24 hours in usually the desired timeframe for maximum effectivness.
Essential oils are available to purchase, please just contact Sarah on 0433 659730 or email: with your queries or requirements or for a quote for the products you require.