Neuro-Training Kinesiology

Neuro-Training combines kinesiology with many other therapies (nlp, hypnotherapy, meridian therapy, homeopathy, etc.) into an integrated solution oriented approach.  Neuro-Training combines what Neuro Science has discovered about how the brain functions and controls the systems of the body with techniques from many modalities to train the nervous system to function more appropriately for the person so that they recuperate better.  

Neuro-Trainers are not diagnosers of disease or healers.  We are committed to training the neurology of the person to function better resulting in a better use of energy within.  As you experience improved recuperation, many symptoms and dis-stress that you may have been experiencing often disappear.   In order for us to recuperate fully and in an appropriate way, we must first get our head around what it is that is causing us the conflict or the 'problem. Then we clear the emotional aspect, how we feel about it and de-tox and finally we recuperate physically by clearing out the symptoms.

Whether you are suffering from fear, anxiety or panic.  Emotional upset, sleep disturbances, back, neck shoulder or leg pain, joint problems, digestive issues.  All of these are an indication that there is an issue in the nervous system that it is unable to resolve and so to compensate it is doing the best that it knows how.   
All consultations are performed with clients fully clothed.  There is no heavy manipulation of bones or joints and very little discomfort should be felt during or after a session.  Most clients report feeling extremely relaxed and rejuvenated following a Neuro-Training consult and are often amazed by the results.
Please see our references and recommendations page for client feedback.
Neuro-Training can be helpful in the relief of many symptoms, including:
Back, neck and shoulder pain
Muscular pain
Stress related illness
Learning Difficulties
Skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis
Digestive Issues
Lack of Energy

Neuro-Training is suitable for all ages.  (Babies and children under the age of 5 are worked on with parent assistance).