References and Recommendations

Comments from current and previous consultees:

Pat, Pelican Waters:

I have been suffering with an aggravating cough and continual clearing of my throat for about 15 years.  I have visited  numerous doctors, who advised that it could be hayfever, allergy or even asthma.  I have been on gluten free diets, given up dairy foods and any other foods that people recommendedI have been prescribed nasal sprays, which although work temporarily, my symptoms return when I stop using them.  I decided to seek a kinesiology treatment from Sarah and after the first session, which I found to be totally relaxing, had another a week laterA month has gone by and my cough and throat clearing have disappearedI can thoroughly  recommend Sarah.

Bev & Amy, Mindarie:

I find Sarah to be very professional and knowledgeable.  It is clear that she is passionate and has a deep knowing of her craft.  For myself the results were quite suttle, as I have already worked on a lot of issues in my past.  I do feel a greater sense of wellbeing and I am sleeping much better.  Neck and shoulder tension seems to have disappeared.  However the most prominent results are in my daughter who hasn't as yet completed her sessions.   She has suffered from eczema for years especially on her face.  Her skin is now clear and she has a glow about her.  She has a greater sense of self power, especially at work.  The main reason I took her to see Sarah is because she suffers with extreme allergies.  This hasn't come up in her sessions yet, but I feel completely confident that by the end of her treatment she will be allergy free and feel like a new woman.  Thank you Sarah.

Emma, Mindarie:

 I just wanted to thank you for getting my life back to normal. Since my first visit/kinesiology appointment I have been on a gradual upward curve. ...You managed to turn my inner warmth or radiator as we put it on. I was always so cold, hands, feet and even my nose which constantly dripped. Not anymore. After a few more visits more changes occurred. I was suffering from digestive disorders, constant pains around my chest, liver and abdomen areas...all gone. I was also diagnosed, by a specialist doctor who deals with allergies, as having allergies to mould and yeast, I watched as the prick test resulted in large welts where he had put the high potent test on. I was really struggling with gastro problems and was constantly on the toilet. I changed my diet ... Had my last appointment with Sarah a few weeks ago but went back to the doctors to have an allergy blood test done and low and behold the mould test came back negative.  I also suffered with chronic lower back pain which has since gone. ... I also feel more confident, energised and most importantly my inner fear has gone. I really cannot thank you enough.

 Emma, Tapping:

I just wanted to write to thank you for my recent treatment. Being a nurse, I was a little sceptical about complimentary therapies until I received my treatment from you at neuro body balance.  I was amazed at the results and am now feeling much better.  You are a true professional and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would thoroughly recommend your services and indeed have done to my friends and colleagues.  Thanks once again.

Leigh, Chapman:

 Pleasantly surprising and a wonderful experience.  The treatments were non-invasive and so relaxing.  I remained clothed throughout the treatments and was shown techniques during the sessions that I now use to continue the healing process.  I’m amazed with the results.  My lower back pain has lessened drastically and my headaches and tiredness have diminished after only 2 sessions. The lymph node blockage under my arm has reduced in size and isn’t sore anymore.   I will definitely continue with more treatments.

 Carol, Clarkson

Had to write and thank you so much for the help you gave me recently in facing up to having an MRI scan done.  As you know,  I was terrified at the thought of having to enter such a small confined space and didn't know how I was going to manage it without being sedated to do so.  Then there was you and your magic.  Thanks to you and your NLP expertise,  I was able to go for my MRI scan without any hint of panic or anxiety - or sedation.   When it was all over,  I could hardly believe I had actually done it.  And without dissolving into a quivering mess!!!  I could not have done it without your help.  I will happily tell all and sundry of your good works,  thanks again.

I just had to write and let you know that since our last session,  things have improved for me.  I am finally sleeping better at night and without the aid of a pillow/cushion propping my arm up.  After our last session,  I came home and spent the afternoon ironing - much needed to be done.  Next day I was out meeting up with Sarita for coffee and shopping.  The following day Friday,  Tony and I attended the Concious Living Expo,  on the Saturday we went shopping at Karrinyup then Sunday it was off to Bunnings for garden plants.  So you see,  I had a very full agenda and not once did I feel the need to rest up or have an afternoon nap.  Since then,  I have continued to be busy and having the girls with us now,  have been up at sparrow's each morning doing all the school stuff,  and even found the time - and more importantly the inclination -  to take a couple of walks along the coastal path at Quinns.  Spent a super day in the city on Wednesday catching up with one of my dear friends from NZ then yesterday it was another full day spent shopping with Tony then off to Karrinyup again with he and Maddison.  Today is an "at home" as we are tidying up and expecting a visit from Sarita before picking the girls up again from school.  I know I am prattling on like there is no tomorrow Sarah,  but I really did want you to know what a difference you made in my world.  Since I first came to consult with you regarding my shoulder a few months ago,  you have eased the pain completely,  I now have more movement in my arm/shoulder and feel confident that in a short time,  it will be completely healed despite the specialist telling me it would take a good 2 years to go away. You truly are a wonder and I so appreciate all your efforts to banish my pain and discomfort.  Well done that woman!!!  Thank you so much for all your help and you know that I recommend you to others quite readily.
Colin, Joondalup

Dear Sarah, Thanks for the treatment received.  I feel a whole lot more relaxed & tolerant than I ever have done. Even my kids have said they like their new Dad.

George, Heathridge

Thank for the treatment on Friday. It was my first experience with the neuro training technique and was impressed by the immediate positive responses. The range of movement of my neck has improved a bit, and there is far less tension in the muscles when I turn my head from side to side.  Particularly impressive was your identification (and treatment) of the right first rib as the cause of my chronic shoulder aches and tension. I have seen so many health professional of various modalities over the years, and you were the first to do so. Afterwards, I found my shoulder position was more natural and felt lighter (?), where before I found myself unintentionally carrying them high and having to relieve the consequent ache/tension by rotating and cracking them.  I have felt that subsequently there has been a subtle, general physiological shift. I find it a tad difficult to describe - lighter and more integrated? I feel a constant warmth,  along with a slight pressure, in that troublesome spot on my neck. I have found that it also improved the points of pain that I was experiencing down my right leg. I have also felt more mentally and physically lethargic than usual since the treatment, which I have put down to resulting from changes still occurring post treatment.  Once again, thank so much for the treatment. It was the first time that I have felt optimistic, as opposed to merely hopeful, about the possibility for improvement in a very long time.  I look forward to my next appointment.